Professional Diploma in Islamic & Conventional Estate Planning & Asset Protection

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Programme Structure

This programme accrues 60 UK RQF Credits with 3 modules at 15 credits and 2 modules at 7.5 credits each. The course will be conducted fully online and self-instructional learning.

Module Offerings:

Islamic and Non-Islamic laws of Inheritance in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, and Indonesia

15 credits

The Law of Wills and Wassiyah

15 credits

General Principles of Testamentary Trust and Powers of Attorney

15 credits

Applications in Probate


Applications in the Administration of Estates


What Do You Learn From This Course?

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Hear From our Alumni

Our fellow students studying with us have something to share with you.

Clarence Paul Philip
Bank Investment Adviser

The one thing that really motivated me most to pursue my studies was not because I wanted to be the most successful person on the planet, but mostly it was because of my curiosity.  

Lean Kyle Suelto Nael

My confidence level increased when making presentations or when speaking in front of people, opening doors for new opportunities in the work field.

Chief Operating Officer
Bred Millson
Chief Operating Officer

My learning experience during my studies has largely improved my critical thinking skills whereby I was able to advice and manage positively a financial crisis and cope with issues, that resulted in my making tough calls at the right time

Frequently Asked Questions

Traingogy is a transnational online educational institution that provides students all around the world with a UK based, top-notch, globally renowned courses. Our whole course catalogue is accessible through online learning. Additionally, we have partnered with some universities and other organisations in other countries that provide extra help and instruction in the classroom.

Traingogy offers you three study options:

100% online: We take great pride in our genuinely interactive online learning environment, which makes learning enjoyable, participatory, and collaborative by utilising social networking. You can study from committed tutors and from your online peers on this safe and secure network.


Blended Learning: You will receive all the advantages of our online learning environment along with some in-person instruction in countries with an approved Traingogy learning centres. As a result, in addition to regular tutoring, you will engage with other students in person in the classroom.

Full-time Classroom Learning: In addition to our online learning environment and all of the benefits it offers, you will attend full-time lessons at a regionally recognised Traingogy learning centre.

Learning and development have changed dramatically since the days of traditional classroom instruction thanks to e-learning. The four main advantages that e-learning offers are amply supported by evidence:

• accelerated deliver

• cheaper prices

• More adaptable and efficient education

• reduced effect on the environment

Traingogy will support you from your initial inquiry to your post-graduation. Our goal is to be highly involved in every step of your educational process. You will have complete access to our online learning platform starting on the day of enrolment. We really welcome you to get in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns, or if you just need help, guidance, or explanation. Upon registration, you will receive our team’s contact information.

Traingogy has teamed up with London Examinations Board and the Queens Awards for endorsed qualifications to offer an unbiased evaluation and jointly bestow our credentials. In order to provide top-up diplomas and certifications, respectively, Traingogy currently has partnerships with many public and accredited private Universities and educational institutions that map our course programmes and to offer highly recognized diplomas and certificates .

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Want to gain a recognised qualification at your own pace? Make it happen with Traingogy's flexible online study. Earn the same award as on-campus students with learning that suits your lifestyle.​

Professional Diploma in Islamic & Conventional Estate Planning & Asset Protection
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